Welcome to Maryville Auto Sales' very first blog! Today's discussion revolves around the "New-Age Sedan". You may be wondering, "isn't the new age sedan, a sedan? Or maybe just a newer, more modern 4 door car?" To which I would say yes, but not entirely. If you think of the sedan as a 4 door car that you and your siblings grew up in you're probably right. But what a sedan offered in size and comfort, is now being "one-upped" buy the SUV and 4-door truck. Shoppers are finding that an SUV like the Honda CR-V or the Toyota Rav4 are better alternatives to the average sedan and offer more value. SUV's aren't the only body type out-pacing sedans; Crew Cab Trucks have more space than ever and are not only more spacious but are more versatile as well. In comparison, The SUV offers more ground clearance, more truck space, and more room for passengers. The 4-Door Truck also offers more to the consumer by its natural versatility. Take for instance our 2013 Toyota Tundra SR5 CREWMAX. This Two-Row truck seats three up-front and three in the back. Not only is there a sizable amount of space in this CrewMax Tundra, but the Rear Seats also RECLINE! It doesn't end there. Lets say for instance you and the wife are headed to home depot for a DIY weekend project. You have the car seats in the back a bed full of materials and you can pull a trailer if you need to, with ease. OH, and don't forget about how handy 4x4 is during the snowy winter months! If my example didn't paint the clearest picture, I'll clear things up. The SUV and Crew Cab Trucks are replacing sedans at a rapid rate because of the incredible value they offer. SUVs and Trucks are more safe and more comfortable than your idea of a Toyota Camry family car.

Check out our selection of SUVs and Truck under the "INVENTORY" tab at the top of our website! I hope you enjoyed today Blog post. It pays to choose Maryville Auto Sales!

Jake Martin
Internet Manager